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With ZiiDMS’s real-time data visualization, you can determine “at-a-glance” what is up and what is down. Smart dashboards allow you and your staff to view all data compiled for each department, dealership, or dealer group. The days of creating and depending on manual reports are over. Instantly know where your business stands and what is needed for maximum profitability.

It’s real-time data. They can finalize a deal in the finance office, and when the customer walks out, I can pull up the profitability. I can look at everything. I don’t have to pull up multiple reports. I have graphs. I have pie charts. It is very intuitive and it’s simple to use.” – Jason Heller, Owner – Midland Powersports

ZiiDMS – dealer management system understands you want to spend more time working ON your Powersports business – not in it.

It’s been a game changer for us. We’re not waiting a day, a few days, or a week to see where we are at. We’re real-time, we’re live, we know what’s going on in our dealership, and we are able to manage that better.” – Teena Heller, Owner – Midland Powersports

ZiiDMS – dealer management system offers the “Best-In-Class” Customer Support in the Powersports industry.

Technology is only as good as the team representing it. With ZiiDMS, rest assured, customer experience is part of the package. Every team member in your dealership will have access to a support team ready to assist in any way possible with an average response time of a minute during regular business hours.

We feel like we get the attention that we need. We feel like we can get the help that we need. When you call Customer Support, you’re going to get to talk with somebody that can give you a real-time answer.” – Jason Heller, Owner – Midland Powersports

ZiiDMS – dealer management system understands change management. We’ll be there every step of the way to make sure transitioning to ZiiDMS will be streamlined with no disruption to your business.

Everything was transitioned over from the previous system and uploaded. From day one, we were ready to go. We knew what the system looked like and what to expect.” – Teena Heller, Owner – Midland Powersports

The legacy dealer management system/software you’ve had for many years may keep your business on the rails but fails to drive more business, keep up with the competition, or innovate. CHANGE is necessary and doesn’t need to be difficult. From the initial consultation, onboarding, and training, to transitioning your historical data without a hitch, ZiiDMS will be there with you every step of the way.

More About ZiiDMS

ZiiDMS – dealer management system, introduces RFID Physical Inventory. A first for the Powersports industry.

Lou Pedler, Director of Product Development, discusses how you can take physical inventory of your dealership in just one evening. RFID physical inventory with ZiiDMS saves your dealership time and money while improving the accuracy of inventory data in your dealership. Cycle inventory counts anytime without disruption to your business and without the need to hire expensive 3rd party inventory teams. RFID handheld scanners do not require line-of-sight, so counters don’t need to bend down under partitions, climb shelves, or position each item to be visually seen to be counted in most cases.

All inventory data is collected in ZiiDMS as part of the ZiiDMS Perpetual Inventory System, so you’ll have accurate up-to-date data leading to better analytics. Improve asset utilization, avoid obsolescence, and reduce theft and lost sales with ZiiDMS RFID Physical Inventory.

ZiiDMS – dealer management system, introduces ZPlan Service Scheduler. A powerful integration for your service department.

Lou Pedler, Director of Product Development, discusses integrating with Powersports Data Solution’s ZPlan Service Scheduler. ZPlan is a web-based service department scheduling application which allows dealerships to manage the daily tasks of their service department.

ZPlan helps create a real workflow for service departments, keeping teams on task and repair orders done on time. Mechanics and service writers will always know where they are in the process. ZPlan’s unique workflow philosophy helps to prevent costly downtime by keeping your parts and service departments in sync.

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