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If your struggling with your current Dealer Management System (DMS) and it feels like you’re stuck, you’re not alone. When it comes to a Marine-focused DMS, you’ll find software providers have only a portion of what dealerships, like yours, have been asking for. Keeping up with the newest technologies so you can run a successful business in today’s retail environment is paramount. Your consumers are changing, and so should your DMS.

Same Destination. New Approach.

ZiiDMS is built to be agile and afford your dealership the opportunity to adapt, adjust, and excel. Built on the foundation of business intelligence, ZiiDMS allows you to know where your dealership stands at-a-glance by harnessing the power of data. Performance insights allow you to benchmark performance and identify areas to streamline, improve, and drive better results within each department. Efficient workflows will eliminate costly man-hours spent behind the computer to allow your employees more time with customers. Make informed decisions and take action to increase profitability with ZiiDMS. Contact us for more information.

Become a Strategic Partner

Are you interested in having a voice when it comes to your Dealer Management System (DMS)? Let’s talk. Developing a future-focused DMS to meet the needs of the ever-changing retail environment means listening to our customers. Your experience and feedback help us develop the types of software tools you’ll need to move your business forward. Become our Strategic Partner by joining the BETA Dealer Program.

BETA Dealer Program

In becoming a ZiiDMS strategic beta dealer program partner, you’ll gain access to the newest technologies and features within DMS software applications. In addition, your feedback will help to guide product development, creating a more refined DMS with the options you have been looking for. For more information on the BETA Dealer Program, register below.

Register below for more information on the BETA Dealer Program.

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