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Designed for Large and Multi-Rooftop Dealership Groups Consisting of 20 or More Employees

At the core of ZiiDMS, you’ll find a Powersports dealer management system built for real-time business intelligence, analytics, and retail management combined with AI and machine learning to help large dealers make informed decisions and take action to increase profitability. Now is the time to see what ZiiDMS can do for you and your Powersports dealership. Schedule your demo today or contact us with questions!

Smart Dashboards

Spend more time working ON your business – not in it. Smart dashboards allow you and your staff to view all data compiled for each department, dealership, or dealer group at any time. The days of creating and depending on manual reports are over. ZiiDMS puts real-time data at your fingertips. Instantly know where your business stands and what is needed for maximum profitability.

Enterprise Accounting

ZiiDMS delivers new efficiencies for accountants who are working in a larger dealership or dealership group. The PCSAS compliant accounting framework allows entries to multiple stores in one transaction, provides back-links through transactional history, and leverages new enterprise accounting features. View More

Inventory Optimization

With the ZiiDMS perpetual inventory system, inventory can now be counted in one evening and not days. Utilizing the latest in RFID technology, take inventory by simply walking around your dealership with an RFID terminal. No more closing for days or paying a 3rd party.

Truly Mobile DMS

Take our dealership management system to your customers using your iPad or Surface Pro 7/8 tablet. Wherever you are conducting business; showroom, service department, outside, or at the track, you are truly mobile – no longer tethered to a desk computer to complete a deal. Meet your customer at their vehicle, help them unload their bike, check them in, and take photos directly from a tablet.


Integrate any of your existing systems with ZiiDMS’s powerful API. Financial, inventory, stock, price and availability, service availability, major unit stock and price data can be shared with any 3rd party vendor. The ZiiDMS API allows you the flexibility to go beyond the system and integrate with dealer websites, e-commerce, leads, CRMs, and financial reporting.

Historical Data

With ZiiDMS change is not difficult. Especially when it comes to your data. We will migrate, convert, and integrate your historical transactional data, accounting GL, inventory, and more from your current legacy data management system to ZiiDMS. This means you can reference historical transactions without the need to pay for a subscription with your previous legacy DMS.

Scalable DMS 

The size of your Powersports or Motorsports dealership and dealer group should not affect the performance of your DMS. ZiiDMS was developed with Microsoft UWP and Apple iOS technology, on Xamarin architecture, to scale CPU power with the size and volume of your dealership(s). In addition, Microsoft Azure allows dealers to scale their database from 0 to 1 million with replicas all over the world. Mega dealer groups will have the added option of utilizing a dedicated cloud-based server.

Top-tier Support

Technology is only as good as the team representing it. With ZiiDMS, rest assured, customer experience is part of the package. Every team member in your dealership will have access to a support team ready to assist in any way possible with an average response time of a minute during regular business hours. Reach us by phone or email anytime you have a question or need assistance.

Inter-company Workflow

With ZiiDMS you can view and request inventory from any location within your dealer group. Accept or deny any request for inventory. If a request is accepted, inventory can be transferred without duplicate data entry or manual work. Run reports for one, multiple, or all locations within the dealer group to gain insight on operations.

Leverage Tax Authority

Each dealer within a dealer group will have their own tax authority and will be set for local county, city, and state tax rules. Accounting transactions are written back to Avalara where dealers will have full tax reporting capabilities. Avalara manages the complex tax scenarios retailers face with robust tax content that’s accessible through solutions to fit your business and system needs.

Seasonal Ordering

Customize your seasonal strategy with ZiiDMS’ smart retail management ordering capabilities. Schedule fixed intervals (ie. spring/summer/fall/winter) for continuous review where you set min/max rules and have inventory auto re-ordered.

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Dealership Intelligence

ZiiDMS utilizes artificial intelligence and machine learning to provide real-time analytics in the palm of your hand. Pinpoint performance areas of concern, where profit is being maximized and opportunities remain. Identify inventory trends to avoid stock-outs and improve communication across your entire dealership or group of dealerships. Get the dealership management system your business needs!

Built for Retail

Inventory managed with ZiiDMS doesn’t become obsolete. With a hybrid of periodic and continuous review, dealers have more flexibility to customize the interoperability of their DMS with their suppliers to achieve desired inventory service levels and lower the potential of the stock-out probability.

AI and Machine Learning

As ZiiDMS accumulates historical data from your dealership or dealership group, the ability to use demand forecasting becomes available. With demand forecasting, dealers will know when to add or discount products, and how to staff employees ahead of busier or slower months based on YOY trends.

Big Buys

Big buy? No problem. Set the number of days you need to maximize the sale of your products and ZiiDMS will discount and mark them down to get them out of your inventory.

Supply Chain Automation

ZiiDMS collaborates with OEMs as well as distributors of aftermarket Powersports parts and accessories in planning, forecasting, and replenishment of inventory.

Enterprise Accounting

More Flexibility, Less Frustration. Do you know what the best ROI is for each of your departments? With ZiiDMS Enterprise Accounting, you can extract, view, and compare data in ways your current accounting software does not allow for. Unlock stories you never knew existed and meaningful insights into your business with efficient data visualizations.

Stop Wrangling Data

Accountants are not held to just YOY reporting. Run comparative financials for partial months YOY or choose two date ranges to compare with multi-dealership reporting capability.


  • Compare financials mid-month
  • Edit payable invoices at any time up until they are paid
  • Pick up parts from multiple special orders for the same customer on one screen
  • Disperse an expense across a single, multiple, or entire dealer group with cross-company entries
  • Choose specific items for inclusion in the bank deposit
  • Make changes to packing slip amounts and quantities
  • Fees such as tire tax and disposal fees are automatically added to the parts invoice, RO, and MU invoice
  • Simple and efficient error correction in accounting throughout the system
  • Automate repetitive work and create efficient workflows
  • Data visualization helps you determine with a quick glance what is up and what is down (on reports)
  • Prebuilt and custom data connectors
  • PCSAS compliant accounting framework

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You Choose the Hardware

ZiiDMS supports iPad iOS 13 and above, as well as most Windows 10 devices. Whether you’re in your showroom, service department, outside the dealership, or at the track, you choose which hardware works best for you. This intelligent platform utilizes artificial intelligence and machine learning to provide real-time analytics on a tablet, laptop, or desktop computer.

ZiiDMS integrates with Western Power Sports

WPS Integration

The ZiiDMS and Western Power Sports integration will save you time and improve data accuracy. This integration offers real-time parts warehouse availability and allows dealers to submit and check the status of orders without leaving ZiiDMS.

BRP Certification

ZiiDMS is approved for Bombardier Recreational Products including Can-Am, Sea-Doo, and Ski-Doo. ZiiDMS works closely with BRP to create new features and integrations that will save you time, improve accuracy, and eliminate manual work.

Polaris Certification

ZiiDMS is approved for Polaris brands such as Slingshot, Indian Motorcycle®, GEM, RZR, Ranger, Timbersled, and more! ZiiDMS is constantly working with Polaris to create future integrations to help create dealership efficiencies for your dealership.


OEMS Supported

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